Beacon Buildathon
Beacon Buildathon

To all amateur radio aficionados … welcome to the buzz centre of the SARL (South African Radio League).

As of now, there isn’t a lot of information on this website, but our hard working volunteers are all busy adding news articles and calendar entries and membership details and all those lovely things we need to make this house a home. The status is “under construction” but viewers are welcome. If you don’t mind dodging the scaffolding and smelling of fresh paint – come in!

Any compliments or complaints or contributions can be sent via the following channels:

  • Email where Leon will forward it to the right people
  • WhatsApp to 081 492 4652 where Kelley will forward it to the right people
  • Try sending a tweet to @sarlamateurs on twitter and see who replies
  • A post to @officialsarl on facebook to start a conversation
  • YouTube videos on @sarl.amateurs will be a great watch
  • Google+ has a number of followers at @sarl.amateurs

Have fun helping us build a new future!