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My SARL 2019
My SARL 2019

The SARL is obviously interested in supporting their members to practice their hobby and it constantly encourages members to volunteer for new and interesting facets of the hobby.

Some examples are local Clubs that gets together regularly and organises club events and groups of people with similar equipment.

Clubs are sometimes brought together geographically (e.g. West Rand) or type of radio (Antique Wireless Association)

You may be interested in special interest groups like the Beaconeers or the VHF/UHF operators

Then there are back room guys like the organisers of repeater stations all across South Africa

But maybe you are interested in joining the front-end guys like Hamnet that does emergency communications

Also don’t forget our prestigious monthly magazine Radio ZS available to members only

We also broadcast a weekly news bulletin

Whatever your flavour, you can find a home here.

Drop down from the list to see which groups is closest to you.