National Amateur Radio Centre (NARC)


The National Amateur Radio Centre (NARC) is a stand-alone building (about the size of a house) built with funds from the SARL during 99999 by agreement on the property of Sentech – the then provider of transmission infrastructure to inter alia the SABC. Sentech granted the SARL a 30-year lease on the property and it is quite centrally located for the purpose intended.

It is used as the administrative Head Office of the SARL and during office hours you can usually find someone there visiting the NARC to discuss something with the Administrator or just dropping in for coffee.

Over weekends it is a different story though. Most Saturdays there are lectures or RAE (Radio Amateur Exams) and even demonstrations or Buildathons. Quite popular is the SDR (Software Defined Radio) workshops.

The centre boasts a permanent WSPR beacon on 60m as well as a tower with a tri-band antenna and a radio-room that can be used by visiting amateurs.